ICTIO BIOTECHNOLOGIES promises a revolution in the aquaculture market

The private/public consortium will soon make available biotechnological products aimed at the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of diseases that currently cause great losses to both national and international salmon producers. ICTIO BIOTECHNOLOGIES will launch, starting this second semester and throughout 2019 and 2020, last-generation sustainable products and services for the prevention and control of aquaculture […]

ICTIO Biotechnologies presents “ICTIOBIOTIC”, a company specialized in probiotics

The company’s aim in creating “Ictiobiotic” is to facilitate the commercialization of environment-friendly oral biotherapeutics,e specially designed to stimulate the fish’s immune system.  ICTIO BIOTECHNOLOGIES is a Chilean private/public consortium founded dour years ago with the aim of developing top-level scientific research. It strives constantly to develop modern treatments that consider the preservation of the […]