Plus Kit for Multiple Virus and Bacteria Detection

General Objective: The simultaneous detection and quantification of pathogens that infect salmonid species. Description: This kit was developed for: A validated detection of bacteria and viruses infecting salmonid species. Bacteria: R. salmoninarun* P salmonis* F psycrophilum V ordalli Y ruckeri Viruses: PRV-1* IPN ISA. A validated quantification of the detected pathogens. Screening all bacteria and […]


General Objective (Technical Description):Evaluating the compensatory response to oxidative stress and its consequent damage in two or more conditions/states and then compare them. Description: This service has been developed specifically to evaluate the fish’s response to conditions that produce oxidative stress. It functions by quantifying GSH/GSSG variation and membrane damage (lipoperoxidation). The service includes: Sample […]


General Objective (Technical Description):Evaluating the expression of immunity markers. Description: This service is developed specifically for evaluating quantitative changes in the main markers and cytokines of the innate (C3, IFN-αand IFN-γ) and adaptive (CD4, CD8, IFN-γ, IL-10 and TGF-β) immune systems in response to different treatments or vaccinations. The service includes: Sample taking Marker quantification […]