General Objective (Technical Description):Evaluating the compensatory response to oxidative stress and its consequent damage in two or more conditions/states and then compare them.

Description: This service has been developed specifically to evaluate the fish’s response to conditions that produce oxidative stress. It functions by quantifying GSH/GSSG variation and membrane damage (lipoperoxidation).

The service includes:

  1. Sample taking
  2. Quantifying the RedOx state and membrane damage
  3. Results analyzed by Dr. Ana María Sandino


  1. Evaluation of diets that favor a good oxidative balance.
  2. Evaluation of antioxidants (vitamins, carotenes, enzymes, etc.) that help maintain the oxidative balance.
  3. As a complement for the evaluation of environmental conditions in recirculation fish farming.
  4. Evaluation of oxidative balance related to bath treatments.
  5. Evaluation of fish’s response to different treatments/handling.

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