Kit Plus

Plus Kit for Multiple Virus and Bacteria Detection

General Objective: The simultaneous detection and quantification of pathogens that infect salmonid species.

Description: This kit was developed for:

  • A validated detection of bacteria and viruses infecting salmonid species.
    • Bacteria:
      • R. salmoninarun*
      • P salmonis*
      • F psycrophilum
      • V ordalli
      • Y ruckeri
    • Viruses:
      • PRV-1*
      • IPN
      • ISA.
  • A validated quantification of the detected pathogens.
  • Screening all bacteria and viruses with a single RT-PCR.
  • An easy implementation in the industry’s diagnosis laboratories, using existing RT-PCR platforms.

This kit offers high analytic repeatability, high sensitivity, a wide detection range, analytic specificity, diagnostic sensitivity and specificity, diagnostic repeatability and diagnostic reproducibility.

*Detection validated in an independent laboratory in 30 counter samples using a reference method.

The Plus kit includes:

      • Material for DNA or RNA extraction from tissue, which ensures optimal quality for the analyses.
      • RT-PCR primers.
      • DNA for obtaining a calibration curve.

Status: The kit is available. For a price quote please contact

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